Don’t tell us you haven’t tried these 5 Arabian dishes


A deep-fried ball or patty made from chickpeas, fava beans, or both, falafel is a traditionally Middle Eastern dish that packs quite a bit of flavor in its compact form. Many choose to enjoy this vegetarian option in a sandwich form, accompanying lettuce, tomato, and, in some cases, pomegranate.

5 Must-Eat Arabian DishesShawarma

Who doesn’t like shawarma? This insanely popular Arabian street food has even gained traction in North American and European countries, it’s just that good. It’s a simple wrap, with chicken, pickles and fries smothered in a delicious garlic sauce to give it that extra accent, shawarmas are the go-to choice for many of us when we don’t know what to have for lunch. You can’t go wrong!

5 Must-Eat Arabian DishesKuboos

Kuboos, or Khubz, is an Arabian flatbread baked with all-purpose flour. Chances are, you’ve probably had it at one point or another. A versatile and simple dish, it really does go with everything.

5 Must-Eat Arabian Dishes

Arabian Seafood

Our proximity to the Arabian waters has made seafood an important staple of the Emirati diet for generations. If you go to any fish market, you can shop for locally caught fish fresh out of the ocean for a healthy, delicious and hearty meal.

5 Must-Eat Arabian Dishes

5. Traditional Arabic Tea

Coffee and tea are a strong part of Emirati hospitality. The UAE is one of the most hospitable nations in the world, as evidenced by the huge amounts of expats that flock to make the country their second home. It is a traditional part of Arab etiquette to welcome guests with a warm cup of Arabic tea or coffee. Due to the high demand and overall enjoyment this brew has, it is often served in restaurants as well.

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