How I met Quincy Jones, DD Foxx

Three years ago, DD Foxx was a participant in the first ever Dubai Music Week. Now, she’s an emerging UAE recording artist making waves in the region with her new single “Crazy World,” featuring legendary singer Abdullah Balkhair.

On the brink of the success of “Crazy World,” Tempo caught up with the beautiful DD Foxx to talk about the making of her hit song and what is on the horizon.

Tempo: Did you move to Dubai with the intention of starting a career in music?

DD Foxx: No. I moved here when I was still in high school. I was 13 years old. My music teacher acknowledged my talent and he encouraged me to keep singing. It wasn’t until I graduated from University and started working on my own that I met a band and started gigging. I got into recording around 2008.

DD Foxx
DD Foxx

Tempo: Can you tell Tempo a little bit about the journey from your first studio experience to now?

DD Foxx: My first studio experience was really exciting. My parents were a little tough, but I still did it. I released my debut album at the end of 2012 across the GCC in Virgin Megastores. It was ranked #3 under the pop & urban genre. While I was performing around the city, we got a call saying I was nominated to perform at Dubai Music Week when Quincy Jones, and Timbaland were here. It was really overwhelming. We had a little chat after the show that put something more positive in me. I remember loved my outfit and asked where I got it! He told me I sounded great and looked great. He said I had something special. Quincy Jones told me that I am very different and there will be that moment when it’s the right time.

Tempo: Everything is about timing. How do you keep yourself motivated?

DD Foxx: I have an amazing team that I believe in. They believe in me too. I’m really hoping for that break where I get the chance that people all over the world will hear my music. The thing about Dubai is that there is a lot of talent here, but what’s lacking is that the industry needs to take notice of that talent and give them support. We don’t get the chances that the international acts get, ya know. Media is very supportive and always trying to push my music. I appreciate that. Slowly it’s picking up, but we need the support. Otherwise, how will people hear our music?

DD Foxx featuring Abdullah Balkhair for the hit single: “Crazy World”
DD Foxx featuring Abdullah Balkhair for the hit single: “Crazy World”

Tempo: Speaking of pushing your music, you just released your new single “Crazy World” featuring Abdullah Balkhair. How did that collaboration happen?

DD Foxx: I wrote this track a few years ago, but I didn’t finish it. I thought it was incomplete. I met by Abdullah by coincidence and I believe it was destiny. My management met his team by coincidence. When he visited us in studio, my producer Kevin Bassett played the track. Abdullah was open to work on it. Honestly, when he tried it worked like magic. Our tones matched. Our chemistry worked.

Tempo: How did you grow from the experience?

DD Foxx: I don’t think age matters with music. Art and music always meet at one point. I learned that he has an incredible rhythm. The song was in English and I observed how he handled the language difference. In the studio, he said, in Arabic, that we all come from one place. It was really, really deep and touched me. He’s a legend and an amazing person.


Tempo: What made you write “Crazy World” about today’s state of the world?

DD Foxx: What triggered me to write it were all the painful tragedies around the world. This is the reality. We do live in a crazy world. We’re not gonna sugar coat it. I don’t see any artists recently bringing that up or portraying it in music. Music is the best method to touch people’s emotions, especially if the artist is singing it with depth and feeling. You hope that the message spreads and some change will happen.

Tempo: What’s next for you?

DD Foxx: For now, my dream is to perform “Crazy World” with Abdullah Balkhair in every continent. I think every continent deserves to hear it. The music video is out on YouTube and! My friends and family call me dreamer because I really have so many dreams. But ya know, along the way you should always keep learning. That is the only way we grow.