5 ways to use Instagram for organic lead generation

Instagram is one of the hottest apps right now. The photo sharing app soon turned into a mass social network. If you’re running a business and you wanna be at the top of your game, then you’d wanna have an Instagram account because Instagram has become one of the hottest ways to relay information. It’s also a great way to promote your own image. So here are some ways that you can increase your number of followers.


  1. Posting at the right time

Posting at the right time can increases the amount of traffic that is directed towards your posts and Instagram account. There are apps that will help you figure out what time you should post based on where you are. They will also collect data on things like what kind of posts have attracted the most amount of likes and follower growth. Look into apps like Union Metrics, Simplymeasured, Iconosquare and Crowdfire.  (http://simplymeasured.com/https://pro.iconosquare.com/)


  1. Hashtags 

Hashtags are big deal on Instagram. The correct hashtag can lead loads of new instagrammers  to your posts. Remember to not use the most popular hashtags because then, your post can get lost in a sea of posts. Try and think of hashtags that are unique. There are also websites and apps that will help you determine which hashtags you should use (http://hashtagify.me/). 

It’s been determined that the optimal amount of hashtags is between 5 and 15 hashtags per post. Using hashtags also help you get recognized by other accounts that may want to repost your posts, which is great because that will generate more traffic to your account.


  1. Theme

Pick a theme to work with, whether it be a colour pattern, specific filter or a specific topic like travel diaries or fashion. It will make your Instagram seem more organized, uniform and consistent. Your followers will be able to quickly decide if they want to follow your account or not.


  1. Interact with followers

Encourage your followers to comment and respond to the comments. Making your followers feel like you care about their comments will increase the likely hood of them returning to your account.


  1. Post regularly

Establish a pattern as to how regularly you want to post. Establishing a pattern will mean that your followers will know when to expect posts from you. Try not to post more than two a day in order to gain more likes per picture.


Let us know in the comments down below if you have any other suggestions on how to increase the number of Instagram followers.


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