Tamakkan Session: INSEAD Negotiation Expert Offers Valuable Advice to Women


Abu Dhabi – Tamakkan’s season finale session on “Gender Differences in Negotiation” raised awareness about key variations in negotiations between the two genders and offered solutions to help individuals identify and mitigate weaknesses and get what they deserve at work, regardless of gender barriers.

The seminar discussed the differences in business negotiations by explaining the nuances in the way men and women discuss and present their cases at the work place. Speaker Giuseppe Conti, a lecturer at INSEAD and other leading European Business Schools, then went on to provide possible solutions for the problems faced by women when negotiating. The session sparked a lively debate between Conti and among audience members.

Tamakkan is a knowledge-sharing platform established by BrandMoxie, a leading advertising agency in the UAE. The initiative operates under the patronage of Fatima bint Hazza Cultural Foundation (FHCB) and is supported by Aldar.

“I think a lot of women do not like to negotiate, and yet it is a crucial skill for everyone to have, as we are all constantly negotiating something in our lives. Tamakkan is happy to be collaborating with INSEAD to learn valuable insight that will help us overcome the fears and make us more effective negotiators,” said Sana Bagersh, Founder of Tamakkan and CEO of BrandMoxie.

Maysoon Barber, Business Director of Fatima Bint Hazza Cultural Foundation introduced the ongoing partnership of the foundation and Tamakkan: “Tamakkan and the Fatima Bin Hazza Cultural Foundation cross paths in having the same passion for sharing knowledge, fostering talent and supporting cultural initiatives.”

INSEAD who brought speaker Giuseppe Conti also provided an insight on how they collaborated with Tamakkan for this session: “INSEAD actively promotes gender diversity within business by creating a learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world. The collaboration of INSEAD with Tamakkan is a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas and best practice, while deepening our engagement with the local community.” said Zeina Sleiman, Associate Director, Institutional Relations and Alumni Affairs of INSEAD business school.

"There are three elements that are particularly important in negotiation. And the three competencies that come to mind are to be tough, to be fair and to be creative. These are the three elements that we want to keep in mind to be effective. One is to be tough, it’s about making sure that you’re able to negotiate and get what you want. The second element around being creative is building better agreements. Find ways so we can be more effective in creating good values for both parties. The third element is about being fair which means making sure that people want to work for you that you can build long term relationships with people instead of striking short term deals." Click HERE to watch the video!

Giuseppe Conti, an ambassador of INSEAD and a recognized expert in the field of Negotiation shared valuable insights on gender differences in negotiation, with a focus on making women more effective and confident. “The focus of the session is the difference in men and women when negotiating for themselves, which impacts the gender gap between men and women”.

The session revealed that though men and women negotiate differently, negotiation effectiveness is not based on gender. Several propositions on better negotiation were discussed and debated throughout the session.

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