Can art unlock life’s mysteries? This artist thinks so

Finnish artist Tiina Salo-Devries uses abstract art in vibrant colours and mixed media. Her latest works are a trio of paintings called “Heavy Journey,” “Through the Storm” and “Gleam” in which she integrates symbolism using desert-scapes…

 Tiina Salo-Devries at a Building exhibition in Rauma Finland 2015

TEMPO: Who is Tiina Salo-Devries?

Tiina: I am a Finnish artist and teacher, who has been living in the Emirates since January 2006. I am very curious and like to think of life´s mysteries. It´s good to look at everything from many angles and then try to make a picture of the phenomenon.

TEMPO: What sparked your interest in art?

Tiina: Art has always been a good tool for thinking and creating a platform for discussion. Art has helped me  understand life and its mysteries.

Tiina Salo-Devries poses next to the Nature´s Art

TEMPO: What inspires you to create?

Tiina: Life itself is giving me most of my topics.. Normally something important will pop up in my mind. Long walks are also very good moments to let new thoughts to come.

Tiina Salo-Devries searches for inspiration

TEMPO: How do you describe your art?

Tiina: My art does not fit to any certain category because I use a large variety of techniques and media. That has an effect on how I present my ideas. Very often I use symbolic language and there is a surrealistic feeling. My background as a textile artist widens my toolbox. Nowadays I paint a lot with acrylics, but I´m not limited to it. I can mix anything to find the right look I´m after. Over all my style is modern.

TEMPO: What is your artistic process?

Tiina: When I get that important idea, word or sentence, I start with small pencil sketches. I might write some keywords next to pictures, because I make several sketches first to find the right compositions. After that I attack the real work. In the end I keep the work unsigned for few days to make sure I have finished it and everything is as I want.

TEMPO: Tell us about your pieces: “Heavy Journey”, “Through the Storm” and “Gleam”

Tiina: “Heavy Journey,” “Through the Storm” and “Gleam” are about our life’s journey. Those proud camels are symbols of humanity and they stand for strength. All of us have ups and downs and it´s important to find our way through tasks and situations. The paintings show that there is always hope and optimism.

By Qutouf Yahia


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