6 Key Social Media Tips to Help You Succeed!

1. Have a specific topic, and stick with it

Your personal accounts can be as scrambled as you want, but when you’re trying to build a following, stick with your topic. People often follow others because they want more of X content on their feed, so when you jumble that up with posts that have no relation to your topic, people will find it annoying and click unfollow, taking their business elsewhere.

6 Key Social Media Tips to Help You Succeed!2. Engage with your followers

People like it when they feel as though their comments and concerns are being received. Reply to any messages or mentions, whether they are a mundane comment or a legitimate question. When others see that they will be heard, they’ll want to follow too.

3. Promote it on other platforms

Do you have any personal social media that has a solid following? Then there’s no harm in advertising your others to your followers. You might get some loyal consumers who already know and appreciate you!

6 Key Social Media Tips to Help You Succeed!4. Get involved in the online community

It sounds very “how do you do, fellow kids?”, but the fact is that millennials are the most present voices on the internet, being the first generation to be born and raised with social media. Keep this in mind when you post: what are the latest online trends, what are the biggest topics of discussion, and how can you utilize their unique and often weird brand of internet comedy to your advantage? A word to wise, though: don’t overdo it; you’ll look like the cringy mom who won’t stop talking about “Pokeeman Go” to her son’s friends. Moderation is key.

5. Take advantage of tags and hashtags

Tags and hashtags gets your work noticed through the search terms. Utilizing them and using as many as you can will plaster your posts all across social media platforms, opening the door for hundreds of potential followers.

6 Key Social Media Tips to Help You Succeed!6. Be visual

Let’s be honest: no one wants to read massive blocks of text unless they actively search for it. Use lots of photos and layout tricks to catch your viewers’ eyes.

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