Flash Fiction: Al Roua’a

(WRITER) Noura Ali Hasan Khamis Almansoori 
(ILLUSTRATOR) Aysha Saif Ahmed Saif Al Hamrani

There was a strange man named Al Roua’a, who worked in an Abu Dhabi company, but didn’t have any friends because of his secret identity. Al Roua’a was human during the day, but at night he transformed into a monster. When he was a monster he only intimidated people, but if anyone did something evil, he killed them. Although he was a very kind person who was successful in his job, no one wanted to befriend him. At night he went to the park to play with the children, but they cried when they saw him. Al Roua’a felt sad because nobody wanted him.

One day he went to work, sat near one of his co-workers and asked if he could question him. The man said with fear “Y y y yes you can.”

“I want to know why you don’t like me and won’t talk with me?” Al Roua’a asked.

The man said, “Don’t you know you change into a monster at night and everyone is terrified of you?” he answered.

Are you sure? Al Roua’a asked in a voice filled with shock. I am a monster? That’s impossible!

The man said, “If you don’t trust me, I will make a video for you at night and will show it to you tomorrow.” Then Al Roua’a went back to finish his work.

At night he transformed and he went to the park. The man from work was walking behind and filming Al Roua’a. The monster turned around saw a scared man with a camera and Al Roua’a said, “Don’t be afraid I won’t hurt you. I know I am awful.”

The next day the man showed Al Roa’a his video. He began to laugh and said, “I am so beautiful.”

The man also laughed and finally introduced himself. I am Saeed and I would like to be friends. Al Roua’a felt very happy and decided he would not hurt anybody, even if they hurt others, instead, he would tell the police about them. Saeed tweeted Al Roua’a’s story on his Twitter account and told all of his followers of his kindness. Not long after, people stopped fearing Al Roua’a and started talking with him. Al Roua’a is now rich with friends and happy for Saeed’s help.

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