Hello??? Is Anyone Listening?

I have seen a lot of changes during the few years that I have been here. But I have to say, when it comes to certain issues nothing seems to have changed at all, and it has resulted in a seismic shift on how I view well-being matters.

I love reading about how much progress there has been in such a short time here, but this of course is based on selective milestones. I applaud the pristine highways, beautiful new architecture and great airlines, but these are things that we as individuals don’t have any control over.

But…how about those flying kids falling out of buildings? Or the erratic selfish approach to driving? Or the lack of children’s car seats? Or the childhood obesity epidemic and poor eating habits? All these issues are all controlled by individuals – and the public at large.

Let’s look at a couple of these closely…

How does a kid fall out of a window? How is a toddler big enough and/ or strong enough to haul himself out of a window or over the balcony/mall railing? Why are the windows or balcony doors open while the child is not being watched? These are not the thoughts of a genius, but rather a normal concerned parent. I watch my kids closely because I know that they are not yet in a position to make the best decisions for themselves all the time. They have no concept of consequences. So, who is to blame?? Negligent parents! (This is the nicest way I can describe them). Why are there no rulings that mandate sealed windows on all high rises and balconies? People have demonstrated time and time again that they are apparently not responsible enough.

How about the unsecured kids in moving cars, the ones hanging out the windows or sun roofs, and those who treat the moving car as a playing field? Again, kids don’t always make the best choices. So who allowed this behavior? The parents. I have read about numerous campaigns to buckle kids up yet I still see this negligent parental behavior. And explain this to me, why are the parents strapped in, while the kids aren’t?

So what is the solution to all this? How about laws that are enforced and HARSH penalties, for a start? People need to fear penalties. We can continue to educate people all we want and see marginal improvements…but folks, you’re individuals and you need to take responsibility for yourselves. On top of that, you need to understand that there are consequences of your actions that affect others besides you; the “Butterfly effect” is real.

I used to get furious about these things, but now, for better or for worse, I am becoming quite ambivalent. I know that you’ll do whatever suits you best, and by doing so, it further justifies my belief in Darwinism.

By: Dr. DMS

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