International Coaching Week is Here!


Tomorrow is the start of International Coaching Week and Tempo got to chat with Randa El Zein, Empowerment Coach & Founder of Be You International Educational Consultancy, to talk about this unique event that has the sole purpose of giving back to the community.


TEMPO: Why dedicate a week just for International Coaching?

The intention is to raise awareness and increase the visibility, understanding and impact of coaching. International Coaching Week (ICW) is an annual weeklong global celebration of the coaching profession taking place May 18-24, 2014. It’s the local ICF Chapters and coaches who make ICW successful and help spread the word about coaching by getting involved this year!
TEMPO:  Where will this be held?

May 18 – 10am-12pm at Argo Tea on Khalidiyah
May 20 – 7:30-9:30pm at Argo Tea on Khalidiyah
And other corporate events such as at Zayed University and more are being planned as we speak.

TEMPO:  How did it all start?

I have created a site that is more or less a coach directory to help people find coaches by city, language, price, niche etc and I reached out to the coaches of Abu Dhabi to get it started. Then by pure coincidence I got contacted by ICF-Dubai chapter to help create events in Abu Dhabi since it has never been done here before.

TEMPO:  Can you tell us the nature of the events that Abu Dhabi coaches plan on doing?

The events will be free for the public, informative. Anyone can come in and chat with any coach or several coaches and ask how could a life coach help, what is life coaching, how could it benefit them, why hire a coach, and even experience an actual mini coaching session. It is a chance to know how we can help relationships, families, career development, life transition, marital status transition, depression, anger management, finding your life purpose or anything else. Coaching is personal but can also be executive. we can work with youth and we can work with CEO’s. these events cater to everyone to ask whatever they want. and find out if coaching is for them.

TEMPO: We understand that Dubai has been in this game longer than Abu Dhabi. How is Abu Dhabi doing in terms of raising awareness?

The ICF dubai chapter opened last year. and ICW had no action going on in Abu Dhabi. This year, we want to make it a great week.
We are trying to get into schools as well.

TEMPO:  What would be International Coaching Week’s most unique factor?

Awareness. and giving back to the community. A lot of mini coaching sessions are gonna be given! Who knows how many lives can be transformed with one powerful conversation as could happen with a life coach.


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