Money Matters: Attract More of it to You

Have you ever had the experience of getting an unexpected bonus or increment? But, then later on in the month you also have an unexpected expenditure for almost the same amount of money? Maybe it is house repairs or a medical bill or something else. Now is that a coincidence?


In this article I would like to share with you how your mindset affects your money flow, and how you can change your mindset to receive more money.


Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


Every thought you think creates your life. What kinds of thoughts do you have about money? Read the following statements and see which of them are true for you –


“I have to work hard for money”. Is this really true? If it were true, the labourer who does the most amount of work would have the most amount of money.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”. Most people believe that it is not easy to get money, as if it were ‘growing on trees’. Is this true? Do you know at least one person for whom it is easy to get money, almost without doing any work? If it is possible for them, why not for you?

“Money is the root of all evil” Is money the root of all evil or is the greed for money the cause of a lot of angst in life?

“Rich people are dishonest” Look at all the rich people you know. Are all of them really dishonest? The truth of the matter is that some people are dishonest, regardless of whether they are rich or not. And people are also honest independent of how much money they have.

“Having money is greedy” Does having money truly make you greedy? Or is the opposite true?

“Having money makes you evil” Will having money make you evil? If that were the case all people who have money would be evil. If you look around you, the media is filled with stories of individuals who donate millions to doing good in society.

“Having money stops you from being happy” Happiness is just a choice. It is not an effect of the amount of money you have. You can be happy when you don’t have money. You can also be happy when you do have money.


Some more thoughts…


I can’t have money and free time

I don’t deserve money.

I don’t have enough money.

I don’t know what I’d do if I had money.

I’m no better than my parents, so I shouldn’t make more than they did.

Money is not spiritual.

There is a limit to how much you can earn.

Money management is too complicated.


Are you starting to see just how insane these points of view are? These beliefs and thoughts about money are all around you. They are insidious. These are things you have heard from your parents, from your loved ones. These are conversations that people are having all around you all the time. You are bombarded with these 24/7. Pretty soon they become a fabric of your thoughts and start shaping your reality.


Most people also impose a ceiling on receiving money. They can only receive a certain amount of money. If they receive more than that they create an unexpected expenditure which will spend away the extra money.


Are you starting to see how your inner landscape shapes your money flow? So how can you change this?


  1. Identify Your Beliefs


It is important to realize that you have beliefs that are limiting your money flow. A question you can ask yourself is: What points of view do I have that are creating the lack of money in my life? Or if you would like to have a certain amount of money you can ask: What points of view do I have that are stopping me from receiving X amount of money?



  1. Is it really true?


Look at each limiting belief you have about money and ask this question:


Is it really true? If it were not true, what would it be?



You ask yourself: “Is there is a limit to how much I can earn? Maybe. Is it really true that there is a limit?” Then you answer: “In this job it is true. If I were in a different job it won’t be true”.


So this means that it is not really true that there is a limit to how much one can earn.


  1. Review every point of view


Sometimes you accept a point of view without judging it anymore. For instance,

“I’m no better than my parents, so I shouldn’t make more than they did”.


If you study this point of view you will see that it is no longer true for you. Take each point of view you have with money and look at it from a different angle.


  1. Ask for more money to show up


Use questions to ask for more money. Some of my favourite ones are:


What would it take for X amount of money to show up?

What can I be or do different today to have more money right away?

What can I add to my life today to have more money show up right away?

What would it take to have multiple streams of income?

What would it take to make more money than I spend?



Change your mindset to change your money flow!

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