8 Inspiring Tweets You Should Read!

Get yourself in the right mood and mindset with these witty and inspiring tweets!


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed


Working with team spirit is a sign of excellence.


 Inspiring TweetsJacksepticeye


When I grow up I want to be Deadpool AND Spider-Man

Sometimes it’s good to take a deeper look at yourself and see the flaws so you can work on them to become a better person.


 Inspiring TweetsAnna Kendrick


Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents.

Relationships: because watching Masterchef alone is only 6% as fun.


Inspiring Tweets

Max Landis


#screenwriter. always a bad 1st impression. FOUND: volatile opinions, girlishly excited confusion, advice on writing, dating, and wildly personal introspection.

i just tried to jokingly wink at someone but accidentally closed both eyes and walked directly into a door


 Inspiring TweetsMaysoon Zayid


Haj Musa Zaid’s daughter. Lucy’s mom, Comic, #CDKO Hate the tweet not the typo. RTs are NOT endorsements half of them are insulting me.

I know it sounds like kids screaming, “SHE STARTED IT!” but if you troll and get whack-a-moled, YOU started it 🙂


 Inspiring TweetsFarha


♡ 06.03.2016 ♡ (day i ate a good roasdt chiken)

I blink one eye at a time so i can always see the haters coming


 Inspiring TweetsThomas Sanders


Youtube: https://t.co/Xw3qRGIOzw

Snapchat: Thomas_Sanders

Business: SandersRTP@gmail.com https://t.co/z1hKO6CPEK

Don’t you dare bad-mouth yourself in front of me, I will throw so much love at you!!! Don’t even try me!


Inspiring Tweets Adam Saleh


I’m Adam. I’m 23. Love others for what you love for yourself. Much LOVE to #ADOOMYGANG 🙂 IG: @ adamsaleh

Always be HONEST and BE YOU! Don’t lie to impress others or to fit in… Especially if it’s something like Drake’s your cousin lol

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