This is the fourth season that Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) is holding the Al Dhafra Festival with greater focus on the traditional market for Emirati handicrafts, a souk showcasing arts made by local handcrafters and artisans.

The traditional market would feature over 180 shops built in the traditional way using mud, wood and palm fronds (areesh), displaying popular foods and handicrafts, amid traditional gatherings.

ADACH aims to revive an interest in handicrafts and help market them locally and internationally. It also aims to encourage people to develop their handcrafting talents and provides an opportunity for all citizens aged between eighteen and sixty-six to take part in small workshop activities. It also hopes to encourage the elderly to teach younger generations these traditional skills. Besides that, the market seeks to attract families, with a number of distinctive and entertaining events such as the camel competition, photography contests and safaris.

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