Album Spotlight: Ed Sheeran’s Divide

By the time you read this article, it is most likely that this album has already been publicised by every other single media entity off the face of the earth… How am I not surprised when we are talking about the third full-length release of the one and only, Ed Sheeran? As you know by now, the Grammy Award-winning carrot top is back and is laying it all out – which is the least he can do after that one- year hiatus… Why, thanks Ed!

The 16-track album is a smorgasbord of musical taste, ranging from Celtic folk, hard-hitting pop, hip-hop, and who would forget, Sheeran’s signature serenades…

Album Spotlight: Ed Sheeran's Divide‘Eraser’ starts it off with rapid lines about Ed’s upbringing, and so far journey as an artist who constantly seeks balance in a matter of catchy acoustic loops; while ‘Castle on the Hill’ continues the reminiscent tone of the album with its lyrics and chorus of glory that makes you want to raise your hands high up in the air. ‘Dive’ slows down the pace with this enduring ode to honesty, and is immediately brought back up with the leading single and certified head banger ‘Shape of You’. Right after, Sheeran serenades with the song ‘Perfect’, a song that he dedicates to his childhood sweetheart and love of his life, Cherry Seaborn. ‘Galway Girl’, which contains an unusual but workable mix of Celtic folk and hip- hop, transcends and makes you want to dance at your nearest pub.

Contrasting each other in tonality however their themes talk about a past lover is ‘Happier’ and ‘New Man’; while ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’ delivers the exact opposite of emotions. ‘What Do I Know?’ follows and is an anthem of love & positivity – something that is very much needed in the world we live in today.

Following these is ‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’, one of the treasures of this album, with a noticeable guitar solo by guitar hero and good friend, John Mayer; and is succeeded by the emotionally-charged ‘Supermarket Flowers’ – a song dedicated to Ed’s late grandmother – which will not fail to shed a few tears down your face (prepare those tissues!).

Album Spotlight: Ed Sheeran's DivideThe album then takes an up turn with the fiery, ‘Barcelona’, summer grooved, ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’ and folk-based, ‘Nancy Mulligan’ and slowly closes with the contemplative, ‘Save Myself’ – a song of importance and realization of self worth. In its entirety, this LP is everything a certified Sheerio has ever wished for and more. Ed always had a way with lyrical storytelling; a skill that never fails to put listeners in his shoes and have them take a walk (or run) in them.

It is set to be a great year for Ed Sheeran and we cannot wait to see what he will be up to next – according to our sources, a world tour is coming up real soon! He might have left people hanging for a while there – but with an album like ‘Divide’; it makes you want him to take more sweet time off… though of course, who are we kidding? We are ecstatic to have him back!

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