How Snot Works
The spaces in the bones above and below the eye sockets and behind the bridge of the nose are called Sinuses. Lined by a mucus producing membrane, the function of the sinus region is to keep the air we breathe humidified. Because of the small size of the drainage holes for mucus, which are situated at the back of the nose, they can block up easily. Allergies, infections or a plain old injury to the nose can trigger sinus inflammation. Viruses and bacteria can breed in stagnant mucus turning it green or yellow in colour.

Treatment for Sinusitis
1. Antibiotics help… a lot! These days they can be administered as nasal sprays but make sure if it’s for allergies you do not opt for over-the-counter medicines. They might further aggravate the problem. Consult your doctor to find the right dosage for you.
2. Heating water in a pot, removing it from the stove and then inhaling the steam with a towel over your head -like they did in pre-historic times – is a good idea! It is the natural way to clear sinuses and is extremely effective, providing immediate relief.
3. Another less known (and lesser tried) remedy is eating green chillies. Not a handful of them – that can cause chest burns and digestive track irritation but just one or two with your meal. If they irritate your throat and cause you to get a runny nose then let it happen – it’s just the sinuses clearing up! If you need scientific proof, green chillies contain antioxidants which help regulate sinus pressure. So there.
4. Eat grapefruit! It is a good source of Glutathione which helps decrease inflammation of sinus linings and unclogs a bunged up sinus. Hurray for fruits and veggies!
5. Avoid bending down and it can aggravate headaches.
6. Drink lots of water to keep up the supply of fluids. You don’t want to dehydrate the body as it’s already losing water through mucus production.
7. Smoking makes mucus thicker and further clogs up sinus passages. So you choose, cigarettes or deep breaths?

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