The day I played with Nicki Minaj

Did you attend Nicki Minaj’s concert recently in Dubai? If you did then do you remember the guy in the green jacket with the crazy hair on stage behind the decks? That was me!


Hosted by 117 Live, Nicki Minaj stopped in Dubai as part of her “Pink Print World Tour” at the Autism Rocks Arena (Dubai Outlet Mall). I had the pleasure to play the opening and closing set for her concert in front of thousands of barbs – a dream come true. I was pretty excited not only because I opened up for such an international superstar, but also because i got to play for all my fans of different ages who listen to my show on Radio 1. This does not happen very often as I usually DJ in clubs where the age limit is 21+. This time I had the opportunity to interact with fans from various demographics.

The funny part is that when I announced on my social media that I would be opening for Nicki Minaj, everyone started asking me for an opportunity to meet Nicki Minaj. But here is a little secret…I did not have a chance to meet her myself! However I was only allowed to see her from a distance while her crew put the last touches before her performance.


During this event I got a lot of positive feedback and good memories. In addition, I had a very creative videographer who filmed the entire experience. Omar Hassib is the man behind the camera. Check out the day I played for Nicki Minaj on my Youtube page –


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