#IHaveADream 1st Place: Hashim Sulaiman

The short film “Will” by Hashim Sulaiman is a poignant story that manages to capture in one minute the heart wrenching desire of a little boy. The screening at the Smovies Awards Ceremony touched the hearts of many and met with audible ‘aahs’ from the audience. Without spoiling the film by revealing the ending, we present you Hashim Sulaiman…

I am a Business Development Manager in an oilfield supplies company, with a background in mechanical engineering. Filmmaking has been my passion ever since my dad bought me a handheld camera when I was in grade 7. I enjoyed visualizing everything around me. But it was during my college days that I explored the possibilities of storytelling through these videos. I started watching International movies; every other movie had something to inspire me.

Hashim Sulaiman - Will

“I made my first short film ‘Alarm’ in my college days, and it bagged second prize in the intercollege competition of Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), India. My first award in the UAE was for the short film ‘Rocket Science’ and I managed to screen this film at different film festivals all across UAE and won several awards. It was selected as the best movie at the Al Ain Short Film Competition, and also won best screenplay and special jury award for direction. I also won the best editor award from the Indian Social Centre Abu Dhabi. “Rocket Science’ was also screened at the Sharjah International Film Festival. “Will” was my first submission to the Smovies.

I came across a post of Smovies on my friend’s Facebook page.

The biggest challenge was to come up with a concept that can completely justify the #IHAVEADREAM theme in one minute.

I had to go for a symbolic narrative style.

“I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement when my name was announced as the first place winner. This would be one of the most memorable moments of my life.

My parents were the first with whom I shared my happiness. They were proud, and my sisters hugged me with excitement. Friends called me up one after the other, congratulating me.

Hashim Sulaiman - Will
Hashim gets the first prize for The Smovies event

“I encourage everyone out there to try to make your own Smovie and exploit this wonderful platform. Try to make sure the story you make justifies the theme provided, and concentrate more on conveying the message than on the technical aspects.”

Connect: Facebook /Hashim Sulaiman

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