Manifest a Shift within Yourself – Carol Talbot

Carol Talbot
Professional Speaker | NLP Master Trainer


 “As a self-confessed course junkie, I’ve read thousands of books and attended a lot of personal development courses. I often say that I’ve studied a lot of ‘ologies and ‘erapies in my quest and passion for knowledge, understanding, guidance, wisdom, learning and development.  This quest and thirst within has led me to meet amazing mentors, teachers and friends from far and wide as I travel all over the world. When I came across NLP, I knew I had come across something different because I took quantum leaps forward in my own life, both personally and profession.

 “NLP is a process of awareness that helps you understand how you do what you do, from your thoughts, behavior, the language you use to yourself and others on a regular basis, your beliefs, values and energy. More importantly, it helps you become aware of how your thoughts, behavior, language, beliefs, values and energy impact yourself and others… and make rapid shifts.  The late Steven Covey said ‘We do not see the world as the world is. We see the world as we are’. What this means is that when you manifest a shift in yourself it impacts others as well. In fact, the quickest way to bring about a shift in others is to start with yourself. When you shift it creates a whole ripple effect that impacts others that you may not previously have been aware of.

“Ultimately, you have a huge amount of choice in how you choose to show up in the world and when you become aware of your impact on others then you open the door to new possibilities to expand the limits of your potential and your organizations’ potential. That is when you become ‘the difference that makes the difference!’


“Looking back…I’ve experienced being stuck in a job I hated, I’ve been fired, unemployed, depressed and stressed – and I was even arrested in the middle of a training program!

I had to take time out, reflect and honestly ask myself how I got myself into a situation where I was not happy. Next, I had to give up the blame game, take back my power and ask: what can I do instead. This created more choice in moving forward.”

“I discovered that I was running a sabotage pattern in my head; my thoughts were holding me back, limiting beliefs were holding me back and the voice inside my head was holding me back. I needed a whole new mindset shift and that’s exactly what I created. As soon as I made that shift, ideas started flowing, thousands of ideas and a lot more opportunities.


Mind your thoughts

Your thoughts create your reality and direct your outer world. Whatever you perceive outside of yourself, in people, in events, in situations, in circumstances are all actually projections from inside of you, like a reflection in a mirror. This means there is never a problem with another person, event or situation, it is simply a problem with how you are choosing to perceive that person, event or situation. The key is to solve the problem lies inside yourself. Look for the best in people, in events and in situations. When you change how you observe your world the outside world changes too!


Mind your language

Your thoughts are expressed though your language and the Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words.  It’s unlikely that you are using a million different words each day, in fact, research indicates that the average woman uses up to about 20,000 words a day. What is more, you will also be using the same 100 words on a regular basis to describe your experiences. Pay attention to your language. You have the power to inspire and lift others through the language you use. What is more, the language you use to yourself has a huge impact on how you feel and your energy levels.

Mind your state

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good about yourself, you get a much better result than when you don’t feel good about yourself?  This means that when you feel good, when you feel confident, motivated and energized, you get a better result than when you don’t.  So if you are going into a meeting you would want to feel totally confident and totally powerful, wouldn’t you? If you’re about to do an important presentation, you would want to feel totally in control or maybe energized.  One of the quickest ways to change how you feel is to change your physiology. Right now, if you are sitting then I want you to sit upright, straight, lift your spine, open across your chest and shoulders and sit the way you’d be sitting if you were totally energized, totally motivated.  And as you sit that way, I want you to say to yourself, “I am totally powerful, I am totally in control, I am going for it!’ And use a really powerful voice to say those words too.  Remember, you have your own internal self-motivator that you can switch it on any time you choose. 

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