Mind Your Hashtags: Pop Culture Art

Pop Culture Art


Pop art, ink drawings, artworks using coffee, gold, found objects, oil, acrylic, miniatures, collage, as well as sound and video art, are behind the most obvious contemporary social topic of online life, hashtags! Mind Your Hashtags is an art exhibition by THE (The Henosis Events) team held at The Space Abu Dhabi.

“Abu Dhabi is the buzzing centre of contemporary art in the Middle East not just because Guggenheim and Louvre museums are opening here but also because of the wealth of artists who reside in the capital,” says Ashvin, one of the artist-curators for Mind Your Hashtags. “These artists have a unique view about the world around them, and they feel the need to express it. That has always been our focus. And the result was spectacular.”


The word Hashtags in the title does not take itself too seriously… it is used tongue-in-cheek to present the new-age vices through which our daily ‘social’ lives are ‘tagged’ and ‘hash tagged’. The open call challenge asked artists’ expression of the mindboggling realities of the 21st century… and their personal interpretations of the details around them.

The 50 new artworks are by 17 artists from 9 countries are showing at this event: Eman Hakim (Egypt), Saif Mhaisen (Palestine), Desislava Dare (Bulgaria), Mark Barretto (Philippines), Ram Nath (UK), IS (Palestine) Suhair Fakhoury (Jordan), Laurette Kovary (USA), Ashvin (India), B’lu (India), Sofia Chatzisaranti (Greece), Sara Amer (Philippines), Haafiza Sayed (India), Sumanta Dahda (India), Michael Turda (Philippines), Romy Ravindran (India) and Nissa Riyas (India)

“We believe that it is a social responsibility to encourage artists to keep producing the thought-provoking environment they are able to create for the community. Let us contribute towards enriching our community from within,” says Ram Nath, one of the participating artists.


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