Mohsen Al Sultan

Name: Mohsen Al Sultan

Profession: Teacher-model-actor

Nationality: Kuwaiti

Fashion statement: The beauty of the soul reflects on the beauty of elegance; trust the beauty of your style and your fashion.

Mohsen Al Sultan

Describe your personal style:

Attractive, beautiful, harmonic, and remarkably uncluttered. Kajol, hot, sporty with standout colours.

Your favourite recent fashion purchase?

Jeans from Armani and some clothes I picked up from Louis Vuitton.

Mohsen Al Sultan

What is your favourite clothes store?

The best places for me are Armani and Louis Vuitton but I also believe that people have their own preferences. Sometimes the beauty of the piece and elegance depends on the person wearing it. I have the conviction that beauty is not a monopoly of any company – it can be found every store. You just have to know your own style.

Do you think the UAE has style?

Here in the Emirates we have a beautiful and upscale fashion trends that grow by the day. I wish for this to continue and to expand into different styles.

Any fashion pet peeves?

Big sized clothes on small people. I don’t fancy seeing exaggerated pieces of clothing – everything should just be the right fit. It could be a bit loose, but not too loose.

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