Ramadan Vibes

In the last issue of Tempo, you all met ‘The Project’ DJs, an entertainment and booking agency run by Saif and Sound. If you are a regular party goer you may be familiar with the names DJ Liutik, DJ Jay, Andy Von Emmanouel and of course, our very own Saif and Sound from Radio 1.


We asked the Project’s DJs to tell us what they’re doing in the holy month of Ramadan.




Saif and Sound: “Family first. I love Ramadan because it gives me time to spend with my loved ones.”


Saif and Sound is the true definition of a busy bee. His hectic routine involves doing his show at Radio 1 and then heading out to run his nightlife events. Thankful that many night-life events come to a halt in Ramadan, Saif welcomes the holy month and the opportunity it gives him to relax and kick back from his usual heavy routine.


While the evening events wind down in Ramadan and the evening DJ routine comes to a temporary pause, the ‘Saif and Sound’ radio show continues to run at its normal times, 7pm – 12pm.


Saif says that the free time enables him to hang out with The Project team, to map out new ideas for upcoming events and to prepare for the new season.


What Saif loves most about Ramadan is the time he gets to relax with his family, which is why Iftar is done at home, surrounded by family and loved ones.


Instagram: DJSaifOfficial | Facebook: SaifRadio1 | Snapchat | SaifTheDj


Ramadan Vibes - Saif and Sound - DJ Jay

DJ Jay


DJ Jay: “Family down from the US and the UK for an entire month! I embrace my family quality time”.


Ramadan gives DJ Jay the opportunity to have uninterrupted family time. His family come from the USA and UK and they all have daily outings for Iftaar.


Even though he continues to work at his day job, the highlight of Ramadan is his family time which counter-balances the pressures of DJ’ing and his day job. DJ Jay’s focus is to develop new sets and come out with a bang in the new season.


One of his main recommendations for the holy month is to check out the Ramadan Tents at Al Wahda Mall and Emirates Palace.


Instagram: DJJayBeats | Facebook: DJJayBeats


 Ramadan Vibes - Saif and Sound - DJ Andy

Andy Von Emmanouel: “Cyprus here I come!”


Andy Von Emmanouel has only spent six months in the UAE, and plans to DJ in Cyprus (where he is originally from) in Ramadan.
For anyone who is travelling to Cyprus during Ramadan or Eid, catch Andy Von Emmanouel playing at one of the biggest music festivals in Cyprus – The Loud Music Festival #LMS. Aya Napa will be welcoming him at Ministry of Sound 2 (a beach party festival). Andy will DJ at these festivals, and at other beach parties on the island.


Instagram: AndyVonEmmanouel | Facebook: AndyVonEmm




 Ramadan Vibes - Saif and Sound - DJ Liutik

DJ Liutik: “So excited to focus solely on music production this Ramadan and to release my new material during Eid ;)”


Based in Dubai, DJ Liutik is a music producer and a DJ. This Ramadan she plans to concentrate solely on her material; work she has been eagerly waiting to release.


“Evenings are dedicated to Iftaar with friends, and my favourite spot for Iftar is Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai,” said Dj Liutik. “I also have plans to travel to either Spain, Italy or Cyprus this summer, but haven’t decided yet…difficult decisions and such amazing options!


Instagram: DJLiutik | Facebook: LiudmilaBilea

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