Warning: the First Films of 2017 Will Amaze You!

Resident Evil: the Final Chapter

GENRE: Action, Horror


Taking place immediately after Resident Evil: Retribution, this is where Alice is the sole survivor of what is meant to be a daring revolt against the undead. Now, she must travel back to where it all started in Raccoon City and put an end to the Umbrella Corporation’s schemes once and for all.

THE GOSSIP: This film comes out a mere three days after the final installment of the video game series it’s based on.

DIRECTED BY: Paul W.S Anderson

CAST: Milla Jovovich, Ruby Rose, Ali Larter


GENRE: Crime, Thriller


In a prohibition state, a cruel and ruthless bootlegger makes a name for himself as a crime boss. However, trouble finds him when law enforcement vows to take him down.

THE GOSSIP: This is the Bollywood debut for the Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

DIRECTED BY: Rahul Dholakia

CAST: Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone, Farhan Akhtar

Live by Night

GENRE: Crime, Drama


During the prohibition of the roaring 20s, speakeasies, gangsters, corrupt cops, and underground distilleries are running rampant. Amongst the chaos, a man named Joe Coughlin attempts to rejoice in the spoils of crime to the best of his abilities.

THE GOSSIP: This is Ben Affleck’s fourth time in the director’s chair.

DIRECTED BY: Ben Affleck

CAST: Zoe Saldana, Ben Affleck, Chris Sullivan


The Windmill Massacre

GENRE: Drama, Horror


While on the run from her past in Australia, a girl named Jennifer finds herself in Amsterdam taking a tour of its famous windmills. After their tour bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the group decides to take shelter in one of the windmills. As the night draws on and members start disappearing, Jennifer learns that they all share a dark secret, one that marks them for doom.

THE GOSSIP: The title is a play on how windmills influence the culture of the Netherlands, which is where the film takes place.

DIRECTED BY: Nick Jongerius

CAST: Noah Taylor, Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi


Tempo Reviews

By Noelle Pope-George

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

These last few weeks, Star Wars fans flocked to the cinema to catch the latest addition to the series, Rogue One! And it’s no wonder they did, as this daring chapter chronicles the adventure of the group of Rebel spies who stole the plans for the legendary Death Star. For those unfamiliar with the series, Star Wars mainly takes place in a universe where a group of rebels clash against an evil empire, battling for the freedom of the galaxy. Under the empire’s control is a devastating weapon called the Death Star, whose impressive power can demolish an entire planet in a single blast. However, there is one fatal flaw that this weapon contains, and in order to find and exploit it, the rebellion needs the original plans. For this mission, a small group made up of former empire puppets and loyal rebels alike must fly into near-certain death to bring peace to the galaxy.

Nothing is certain while you’re viewing this film. Even the rebel victories are overshadowed with doubt, which adds an exciting element to the suspense and keeps you glued to the screen. It also added an interesting contrast to the rest of the series, with the main character Jyn Erso questioning the shadier side of the rebellion, letting fans see a darker side to it and wondering who’s really right, if anyone. No matter your age, you’re sure to find your own enjoyment in it! Rogue One, overall, is a wonderful addition to a beloved franchise. Plus, it’s a stand-alone story, so even those who haven’t seen the original Star Wars films will be able to keep up.

Catch it on Blu-ray: Pete’s Dragon

Based on an old film of the same name, this movie tells the inspiring story of a young boy named Pete who finds himself orphaned and lost at a young age. While exploring the very forest he found himself in, he stumbles upon an incredible creature: a dragon named Elliot who takes him in and raises Pete as his own. Both Pete and Elliot live happily together in their little corner of the forest, until a woman finds Pete alone in the forest and takes him home, leaving Elliot in a rage while he sets off into dangerous territory to get Pete back, believing him to be kidnapped. Sightings of this incredible creature spark fear in the town, and amongst the chaos a group of men set out to capture Elliot, hoping to profit from caging him like a zoo animal.

This film is a touching story about friendship, exploration of the world outside your home, and how family doesn’t always end with blood relation. Some find their families along the way, even if they are mythical creatures who reside in thick forests. No matter your age, you might find yourself lost in this world of endless possibilities where the best of humanity is brought out from the worst.

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