4 Toxic Pollutants that Could be in Your AC Ducts!

As temperatures soar outside, our only refuge is indoor air conditioning. But did you know that while you’re cooling indoors from the heat, there could well be dangerous particles in your air conditioning ducts that could be spewing into the air your family breathes in. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to respiratory and endocrine illnesses. There are four pollutants that could be in your AC ducts, says Mohamed Ismail, General Manager of Hydrogulf, a leading indoor hygiene solutions provider that specializes in AC duct cleaning and disinfection.



Mold and Fungal Contaminants
With variations between outside and inside environments, and poor ventilation as well, molds and mildew growth is quite common. In the worst case scenario, there might be vermin like rodents or insects living in your AC that can spread disease and cause poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

 AC Ducts

Micro Dust
These are dust particles which are very small that it could easily find its way from its source to your respiratory system. Dusts of all variety have long been known to cause irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever, and asthma attacks.


Aside from dust particles, varying sizes of debris might also have found their way into your AC unit at home – especially if there’s a construction site nearby. While this debris might stay put at the vents, they degrade over time and become dust particles.


Gypsum Powder
Buildings are no stranger to gypsum as this material is used extensively for false ceilings and partitions at homes, villas, and flats, to divide up space. However, as with all materials, gypsum also gets damaged over time and the accumulated powder can find its way into the AC vents and ducts.



What Can You Do
Since pollutants can accumulate in home’s AC, the longer you go without cleaning it – the higher the risk your health will be affected, said Ismail of Hydrogulf. He also advises using the “fan mode” whenever temperatures are not very high, or opening up windows to help flush out some of the contaminants. Hydrogulf sends out a team of cleaners for a full day to deep clean the AC system right from the vents, air ducts, to the AC Equipment and its filters. After cleaning the ducts and grids, they treat all the surfaces with a special anti-microbial fogging procedure to deter the growth of molds.

Ismail also adds that: “It is a popular myth that buying and installing an air purifier will solve the problem of poor IAQ, but it doesn’t. Only if the source of contaminants and AC Equipment are professionally cleaned and disinfected, the air purifier will work efficiently and improve the quality of air we breathe daily.”


To book a free inspection, call 800-HYDRO (49376) or email services@hydrogulf.com

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