How Abu Dhabi’s Beats on the Beach has Become a Platform for Emerging Artists

When the entire city is paying attention, you better have something brilliant to show, and Abu Dhabi’s Yasalam has used F1 as its platform to showcase its most diverse talent. It’s an opportunity for Flash Entertainment to introduce the most impressive artists all in the name of the Emerging Talent Competition. And, man, it is amazing.


Every great festival was once created for music. Whether it’s EDM, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, or Reggae, music has always been at the center of everything. Even though we attend these festivals for the pure joy of hearing our favourite songs, the newness of the Emerging Talent Competition lies within a world of undiscovered musicianship. This means that local music artists have to brand themselves within the realm of music ingenuity if they want to catch the right eyes and ears. With musicians competing against each other from around the UAE, the Emerging Talent Competition has served as an opportunity to inspire music artists from all walks of life to display their uniqueness in the competition: to show who reigns supreme; who’s won the prize in music originality and showmanship.


The competition gave UAE artists an association with a major event like F1, when visitors from all over the world come to frolic along the beach, see some races and take in the amazing concerts. However, the Emerging Talent Competition is bigger than just the latest music competition. It’s a platform that shapes the UAE’s growing music scene. Whoever wins is going to be noticed by the entire region and chart their music journey for the industry to follow.

Beats on the Beach Secrecy over Supremacy

Remember when Secrecy Over Supremacy won in 2015 then electrified the F1 Beats on the Beach stage in Abu Dhabi? Even more than that, SOS also made fans happy by being the first local artists to secure a residency in The Village at the du Arena. These moments transcend music from beyond the Top 40 radio hits on a person’s radio. They bring together people from across the UAE that can experience music they have never heard before. It’s a special time. It’s essentially a time to see the beginning of a local artist’s music career progression.


Beats on the Beach Festival has been commercially huge for Abu Dhabi, and it only made sense that the UAE’s greatest local music artists participate on the big festival stage. Not only are they achieving the highest festival season slot in Abu Dhabi, they are also receiving free publicity, marketing and endorsement from the city’s leading entertainment company. Incredible talent deserves incredible exposure.

Beats on the Beach Emerging Talent Competition

The Emerging Talent Competition is essentially a local artist’s boot camp. A shortlist of 10 artists or bands will complete for four weeks of training and workshops. Three finalists will then perform on the famous Beats on the Beach stage in front of a panel of esteemed judges in November 2016, where the superstar winner will be announced. The winner of the Emerging Talent Competition will then go on to perform live to thousands of fans at various events throughout the 2016 Yasalam Festival. In addition to the opportunity to perform on the Beats on the Beach stage, the winner will also secure an annual residency in The Village at the du Arena.