Blueprint: Alesya Styozhkina

Name: Alesya Styozhkina

Age: 28

Profession: Hotelier

Nationality: Belarus

Instagram: @missstyozhkina

Facebook: Alesya Styozhkina

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Fashion statement: “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be!!”     

Personal style: Converse and jeans during the day; sparkling dress and heels at night

Favourite fashion purchase this month: Amazing watch by Coach, with rows of hand-set crystals.

Favourite store to shop in: I like small stores where I can find unique things. I don’t like to wear what everyone wears… I prefer to be unique in my own style. The fashion scene around you: Currently what is happening is that everyone wants to copy what others are wearing. That doesn’t make you unique, it just makes you a copycat.

Fashion pet peeves: Yes I do: Valentino shoes, Michael Kors hangbags and chokers. The reason is that they have become so common nowadays that I don’t find them appealing anymore.

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