Tempo Cause: Dress the Mannequin

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On the 8th of October Emirati artist Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, Founder of Abu Dhabi Fashion Days will hold the “Dress the Mannequin” silent auction at Wafi Mall in Dubai. The annual event that is aimed at supporting charitable causes, will focus this time on reconstruction in Gaza. Summayah shares her vision with Tempo…

“Dress the Mannequin” is the humanitarian side of Abu Dhabi Fashion Days. It is held twice a year, once each season. The reason is to highlight the creative minds living within the UAE and to support the needy as much as possible by auctioning the miniature mannequins and giving all the proceeds to charity.

“I’ve always wanted to support charities as its one of the ways I could thank God for the blessed life I am living, and when the time came for Abu Dhabi Fashion Days it was crucial for me to have a humanitarian side to it.

“People can support by buying the miniature mannequins or sponsoring. The silent bidding auction of Dress The Mannequin will begin at 7:00pm, all proceeds towards supporting Palestinians in Gaza. I urge everyone to come.

“Our hope is that this initiative grows with each season, with more participants and bidders, and that we raise more money for worthy causes.”


For more information visit www.abudhabifashiondays.com

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