Inspiration with Yoga: Sasha Quince

Sacha Quince is founder of ‘Let’s Go Yoga ME’ which focuses on providing yoga and meditation experiences, wellness programs, prenatal yoga, kids’ yoga and annual yoga retreats. We present her here – in her words…

“I am a firm believer that when life holds you back from something you deeply desire, it’s because a greater desire in line with your best needs awaits you, the key is to trust the process and believe.


“From my early teens I’ve always been passionate about well-being and moving the body everyday. I had a love/hate relationship with yoga for a while before I fell head over heels. It was an occasional practice I came to, here and there with no consistency, in my 20’s. It was slower than my usual exercise regimens, and for a long time I didn’t see the actual benefits of yoga. I became consistent with yoga in 2010 when I experienced the biggest loss of my life. My world had been turned upside down. I didn’t know where to turn to get some peace. I started meditation and with this I found periods of complete solitude and utter joy at a time I was experiencing tremendous sadness.

“Meditation helped me start my extraordinary journey towards the physical benefits of yoga. Now I completely understand and believe that yoga is a holistic experience that can change your life for the better, it’s a connection of mind, body and soul and yes you also do get a great workout with detox, strength, endurance and flexibility. In fact my muscles have toned faster through yoga than years of other fitness classes and gym workouts. Yoga is a way to live your life with more presence, connection, and spaciousness to the unknown. It allows you to trust and release anger, worry and stress.


“My wellness process is all about consistency. I work with students and inspire them to stay consistent in their yoga practice – in turn they start to feel the immense benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. I like to tell my students that once a week does make a difference if you’re consistent and committed to that weekly practice. Another key focus in training is constantly helping students de-stress by asking them to let go of the events, situations and circumstances that have negatively affected them daily, asking them in the long run do these really matter? Our life is a process of detachment from the attached, letting go especially of people, situations and events that no longer serve our best self, or no longer feed our deepest desires. This process is what provides a more holistic living experience and spreads joy and peace in our lives; and isn’t that what we all seek indefinitely?

“The style of yoga I focus on with adults is called Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. The style is more fluid and built from a strong foundation of anatomy research by its founder Sadie Nardini. I tried other styles of yoga prior and taught Vinyasa Flow for many years, after experiencing injury (through yoga), I was blessed to find this new revolutionized style of yoga: Core Strength Vinyasa. It is built around fostering a deep core relationship with self, in which nothing can flourish from the outside if your not fully balanced and connected within.


“I am most inspired by my mentor Sadie Nardini who introduced me to Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga the style I currently practice. She motivates me to try new things and to continue to release my fears of loss, to release attachments and emphasis surrender of control daily. Other inspirations come from some of the authors whose books I am passionate about reading: Robin Sharma (Guru) whose books are extremely inspirational on how to live your life and Deepak Chopra has some amazing simple meditations for those who are busy and need to decompress and reconnect.

“We have a really awesome staycation planned. It’s a Yoga & Wellness Retreat in the form of a weekend escape to relax, rejuvenate, restore and replenish. The focus is a ‘New Year a New You’ with practices to de stress, energize, create clarity as well as connect to one’s desires, while enjoying the sun, sea and spa.


“My message to everyone is try something new at one point in life.

Don’t let fear hold you back from honouring your health and trying new exercise regimes or practices to better your mental and physical energy.

Try everything and find something you enjoy and if it gives you balance and peace of mind use it as a tool to release stress and live a more empowered life.”

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