Inventory for Inspiration

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” The Dalai Lama
What inspires you? What gets your heart pumping? Have you ever thought of it? How do you make the most of your days? I’ve been pondering these questions for a while and feel compelled to share…


I agree with Renee Slansky from, that we must learn to cherish alone time; increase our involvement in social groups; get out of our comfort zone; stop comparing yourself to others; and reclaim your sense of purpose. Recently I have spent some alone time, and I’ve learned that: I am a creative lunch maker, an efficient apartment cleaner, an expeditious food shopper and a timely carpool driver. Since I moved to a new city, I explore every day. I seek out new stores, petrol/gas stations (with the best prices and good car washes), health clubs/gyms and markets. I’m most inspired by the variety of offerings.


I love meeting new people, so I hosted a party for all the residents in our apartment building and a pottery painting outing for some new friends. I’ve explored several yoga studios, health clubs, gyms and a dance studio. I also went to a new friend’s home to meet her friends and play card games. Meeting new people always inspires me and gets me out of my “comfort zone.” During classes, I may not be “great” or “profcient” at it, but I don’t give up, and I don’t allow “self-bashing” talk. No one should compare themselves to others: especially to others who have been doing some activity for a long time. Be gentle with yourself; and have FUN learning new skills.

The real FUN is in the journey towards mastery.

When it comes to social interaction, I consider myself semi-pro. My social media connections are vast and wide; and my mobile is always with me. My heart overflowed with joy from recent telephone conversations with dear friends who live far away from me. I am most grateful for technology that allows for that. Inspiration surely comes from here. Some researchers have pointed out that too much technology time is counter productive. I would agree. Personal connections are not only important but necessary.


Social groups come in many forms. Whether you choose meet-ups or exercise classes, we are meant to have a tribe and thrive around like-minded people. I choose yoga. I teach and participate, and both challenge me. I release all toxic thoughts and judgements when I step on my mat (and encourage my yoginis to do the same,) and have FUN. Whether you choose an exercise class or activity, do your best and see if you can challenge yourself. Inspiration lies within!!


There is FUN everywhere. Some of the groups I glean inspiration from include Film Club, Card Nights, Trekking groups, Travel buddies and nature explorers. Whatever you like, do it. You will make friends, improve your skills and learn about your environment, surroundings and friends. Imagine if you do something you’ve never done before (a NDB) and you love it. You can share that excitement with your tribe and that may lead to new adventures. Wherever you find activities, you’ll find people and therein lies inspiration.


To be the best you can be, quoting Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Principal Dancer, “Love yourself. Believe the words of the people who love you. Be happy with who you are and all of the strengths you have.

Try not to let your doubts or others’ negativities derail you from your dreams. Keep people around you who are there to lift you up and support you.”


Have FUN everyday. BE happy. Share your LOVE.

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