Abu Dhabi Municipality Celebrates Year Of Tolerance!

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality on 4th February 2019, hosted a community event welcoming the public to sing a song of tolerance, peace and harmony to commemorate the historic visit of Pope Francis to the UAE. The session was conducted in front of the newly erected “Year of Tolerance” letters sign at the City Municipality entrance. The “Year of Tolerance” sign is a symbol of the spirit of humanity and compassion and is currently being painted by over 60 artists from the city of different nationalities. 

Michael Jackson’s iconic ” Heal the World” was chosen as the anthem of love and peace for the night. The event gathered a large multi-cultural crowd of professional and amateur singers who were mobilized in a matter of 24 hours.  Given the short rehearsal time, the participants did an amazing job in creating their own version of the anthem to celebrate the Year of Tolerance. The group were of diverse race, cultures, religion and background and embodied the true meaning of unity and acceptance. 


The night included a range of activities and performances for the public including entertainment for children.  


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