Rejig It: Invention – Motorize Time Lapse Skate Dolly

“I am 38 and from the Philippines. I work as a freelance motion designer and time-lapse photographer.

I see my Motorize Time-Lapse Skate Dolly as more of a DIY project. I rigged it together out of necessity: because I needed a dolly so I could take time-lapse photos in a straight line and in arc, on a table or on any smooth surface. It needed specifically to be able to take time-lapse photos in an arc if you place it on a round table. It also needed to be system that is small enough to carry in a bag.

I built it using a skate dolly, a stepper motor, an MX2 controller and a pulley belt. I got the idea to build this after I saw a time-lapse dolly system with a 6-foot rail. I needed a system that can move smoothly. It wasn’t easy. I kept failing at the beginning, but it eventually worked.

I participated at the recent Innovator event, and I can see my invention being developed commercially, if given the chance. I believe it is a good system that can, for instance, shoot a 360 degree time lapse of a plant growing, or even a stop motion of different angles inside a 360 degree circle.”

On location
On location
Inventor: Lewis de Mesa
Inventor: Lewis de Mesa
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