Relearning Learning: Emerging Trends in Education

Some technological trends may seem far-fetched now but are likely to happen within the next five years. According to a report by the New Media Consortium’s Horizon, big research data, open access to scholarly output, redesigning learning spaces as well as cross-institution collaboration are all relevant for the learning communities and early adopters may be able to implement some of the technologies within the next three to five years.

One of the ideas presented in the report involves ‘flipped’ classrooms where the student plays a bigger role in the learning process. This process occurs through the redesigning of the curriculum to encourage students to think critically.

Some mainstream tech trends have become widespread through a variety of research and practical models. The learning community drives the priority of a given technology and how it is integrated within their learning environment. One of the ways it is doing this is by redesigning learning spaces to integrating new equipment and tools.

Components such as user experience, space and resources are critical to effective integration of technology into learning spaces. Libraries play a key role as knowledge cultivators who can contribute to the further development of our knowledge economy through creativity and innovation. 

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