Want to Make a Movie? Make a Smovie!


If you are a budding filmmaker, or always wanted to make your own short film, then we have news for you!

You are invited to make a ‘Smovie’ –“What’s a smovie?” you ask. A ‘smovie’ is a short movie… ‘s’ for ‘short’ + ‘movie’… get that? The cool thing is The Smovies – www.thesmovies.com invites anyone to shoot a short film using anything available. This could a camera, a phone camera, Ipad…anything. How easy is that?


There are three seasons of competitions. Competition 1 is The Vox Cinemas category which kicks off on April 1. See the details for the competition below.  And winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to have their films showcased on Vox Cinemas across the country. Amazing or what?

So jot down some ideas, call a friend or two, get your camera ready and shoot! Become a Smovie Star!



THE SMOVIES VOX CINEMAS COMPETITION: Ad entitled “Please Don’t Steal My Show”

The competition starts in April. If necessary, the winning teams will be invited back to refine the ad with VOX Cinemas input towards creating three ads for the campaign with different messages. Each ad will play on all screens across all VOX Cinemas in the UAE for at least three months.
To create awareness about cinema etiquette (talking loudly, speaking on the phone and making noise).
– Use humour to communicate this message
-The message should be communicated from the other cinema goer’s POV (whose movie experience is ruined)
-The ad should create empathy among those who either consciously or sub-consciously ruin someone’s movie experience
-The ad should NOT be an instruction guide on how to behave in the cinema

30 secs minimum. 45 secs maximum.

-1920 x 1080 Pixels
– High Definition
– 16:9 Aspect Ratio


•         The winning team will receive AED 10,000 cash prize, courtesy of VOX Cinemas
•         2nd Runner Up will receive 20 VOX GOLD Gift Vouchers (worth AED 2,400)
•         3rd Runner Up will receive 10 4DX Vouchers (worth AED 1,250)
•         The winning team needs to create 4 commercials for the same campaign (different messages in each)
•         Each of the four commercials will play across all VOX Cinemas for 3 months each
•         Credits for the winning team will be allowed in the commercial for not more than 2 seconds
•         Last frame of the commercial should have the closing frame, which can be downloaded from www.thesmovies.com, under the menu “Competition” and then “Closing frame”.
•         VOX Cinema venues are available for shoot during off trading hours: 2 AM – 9 AM.

Contact details for cinema venues booking:
Mary Rose
VOX Cinemas
Telephone:           +971 (4) 6010500
Direct:           +971 (4) 6010519
Email address:           mary.rose@voxcinemas.com


The Smovies is a platform that provides filmmakers an opportunity to shoot their own films, and supports them by providing them a platform for the films to be viewed.
The Smovies have three competition seasons:
1.    The Vox Category. April to June. “Please don’t steal my show”.  (See Vox Cinemas competition above)
2.    The Narrative Category. July to September. “The Message.”
3.    I Love UAE. October – December. Celebrating the UAE.
While you may start planning and working on The Narrative and I Love UAE categories, right now we are accepting only entries for the Vox Competition.  See www.thesmovies.com for more details on this.


If you have questions, send them to info@thesmovies.com

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