Last Year Was Complicated By Nick Jonas



Just like movies and books, music is a form of escape – whether you pop on some headphones or blast them on your car’s stereo. It is an artist’s responsibility to make sure that their work accomplishes this – for what is the purpose of a good piece of music, movie or book if there is no emotional exchange to get listeners hooked?

Last Year was Complicated by Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has been in the business since 2000 and is a prime example of someone who has undergone serious maturity when it comes to his craft, and with building a relationship with his listeners. The former ‘Jonas Brother’ has recently released his third solo album, ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ and it has been a hot commodity, reaching the prestigious Billboard 200.


In interviews about the album’s concept, Jonas opens up on how he broke up with a former Miss Universe, and what a one-year and a half emotional exchange between artist, paper and instruments have given birth to.


The 12-track R&B pop infused compilation starts with the catchy ‘Voodoo’ – a modernized track with Middle Eastern elements. This is followed by ‘Champagne Problems’, a dance pop song in its exterior but a deep lyrical dialogue about a mutual break-up between two people who still very much care about each other.

Next on the record is lead single, ‘Close’ featuring Swedish hitmaker Tove Lo. ‘Chainsaw’ follows with hard-hitting emotions of heartbreak. The chill ‘Touch’ plays next and is followed by the sizzling hot ‘Bacon’ featuring Ty Dolla $ign. After that likeable track, ‘Good Girls’ talks of the girl next door versus party girl perception, while ‘The Difference’ trails the former with conviction by Jonas laying down the rules on how to treat a woman right. ‘Don’t Make Me Choose’ supports the previous track by exposing how any partner in life shouldn’t dictate their significant other’s happiness – real talk people!

‘Under You’ is a song about missing and regretting not doing a certain number of things in a relationship. It’s followed by a simple melodic ballad called, ‘Unhinged’ and the album gets closed off with ‘Comfortable’ which includes verses of the speech, ‘Practice’ delivered by retired basketball pro Allen Iverson.

Last Year was Complicated by Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas performing at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball with Vodafone held at Wembley Stadium, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. See PA Story SHOWBIZ Capital. Picture date: Saturday June 11, 2016. Photo credit: Ryan Phillips/PA Wire

This would have to be the most personal album Nick Jonas has released yet. His lyrics are honest, direct and most importantly, human which makes this an album for the masses. Last year may have been complicated for him, but it did help him make a great album that is able to give people a sense of escape… and for that we thank him.



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