Paul Ramos

Age: 25 yrs old

Nationality: Filipino

Profession: Style Blogger + Street Photographer



What is your fashion statement?

It’s really great to follow the latest trends but at the same time its better if you have your own identity: “You can buy fashion but not style…the eternal adage”

Describe your personal style:

Casual and simple yet dapper

What is your favourite buy of the past month?

Graphic tees from American Eagle Outfitters, a blue blazer from H&M, Brogues and a brown leather duffle bag from ICONIC

Which are your favourite stores?

H&M, Iconic, American Eagle Outfitters, Cotton In and Zara

Does the UAE have style?

Definitely Yes! We have been adopting a lot of extra-ordinary cultures and when it comes to fashion, it’s really moving fast and catching up with the latest trends that the fashion industry has to offer.

Do you have any fashion pet hates?

People wearing the incorrect clothing sizes

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Twitter: @itsmepaulramos

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