EDF Scientists Fighting Climate Change

Scientists Working on Multiple Solutions

The Environmental Defence Fund, is a New York based environmental organization that is focused on
solving environmental challenges using different approaches, and their call to action is that it is no longer
sufficient to stop climate change, the urgent need is to reverse it. And their work brings together top scientists to work on targeted solutions.
Source: EDF’s website

They focus on carbon dioxide removal or CDR, by helping the rapid growth of  carbon capture technologies that counter the worst effects of climate change.

The substantial reduction of current greenhouse gas emissions is critical to slow global warming, but that’s only the start, as  according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the planet needs to remove around an additional 10 gigatons of carbon dioxide each year from its atmosphere by mid-century. 


Forests as a Potent Carbon Capture Solution

EDF scientists believe the most powerful CDR strategies is utilizing trees, and this is because they use photosynthesis to absorb around 16 gigatons of CO2 every year. But the problem is that the world is losing its forests to deforestation, fires and other crises, and one way to restore these forests would hugely impact the world’s carbon dioxide problem. 

EDF helped launch the LEAF Coalition to fund reforestation using  public and private money. The $1 billion has already attracted the participation of multiple forest countries  to participate in the initiative to stop the deforestation of all tropical forests by 2030. 

Learn more and get involved! Explore their website.

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