The Super Guide for Studying Better!

Are you a student? If you’re a normal one, then you probably don’t like studying. Either way, I’d like to share some hacks that will help you study better and make you a far better student than you really are. And… you’re welcome.

Study in 20 minute increments – When you sit down to study, set a timer for 20 minutes and study. Once your 20 minutes of study is up get up and do some other activity. Research has shown that you can only concentrate in chunks of 20 minutes. Instead of wasting your time sitting at your table not studying, give yourself the permission to walk away after 20 minutes. Do something totally different. Then come back and study for another 20 minutes.

Study Multiple Subjects at the Same Time – Try it. Study multiple subjects at the same time. Keep five different books open in front of you. When you get bored of one, open another one. Most people have a very low boredom threshold. When you give your mind different fodder, you are bypassing that irrepressible feeling of boredom. This also allows you to absorb and better recall what you are studying.

Pay Attention in Class – My son, who is a straight A student, says that the secret to his success is that he pays a lot of attention in class. Most of his study is done in school and all he does at home is read through the material that he already knows.

Make Study Fun – What if study could be fun for you? Ask: in how many ways can I have fun studying today? And: what would it take for study to be fun for me?

Make Study a Choice – Most students come up with a litany of excuses not to study. If you tell yourself that you are forced to study, then you will be put off by studying. Make a mental shift to ‘choose’ to study.
Don’t Judge Yourself – What have you been telling yourself about your academic performance? All this is based on what your parents or teachers are telling you. Remember that each person is unique, and each person can be brilliant! But we were never told that as we are growing up. Instead we are often judged against a one-size-fits-all antiquated scoring system.
Resolve to be Better – Most students decide that they are not good in specific subjects and then spend their school and college years struggling with it. Instead ask: what would it take for me to understand this subject? What would it take for me to ace this subject with ease? I gave these questions to someone struggling to understand physics. After a few days of reading these questions every day, he has become comfortable with the subject.

Aim High – Are you aiming high in your endeavours? Or have you resigned yourself to mediocrity? What if you were to ask yourself: What would it take for me to top in the exams? There’s no reason why you can’t set yourself up for success! Go ahead and aim for gold!

Exam Success – While writing your exams ask: What do I need to do in this exam to get the highest marks possible? What would it take for me to uncover my genius today?

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