The Art of Zari Jafri: A Blend of Life, Love, and Music

Zari Jafri is a UAE-based artist that blends her love of life, music and travelling into beautiful mixed-medium pieces. Tempo caught up with Jafri to learn more about her life, art and inspiration…


TEMPO: Who is Zari Jafri?

ZARI: I was born in Hull, England to an Indian father and Finnish mother. I was raised partially in Pakistan and the UAE but I spent the majority of my childhood in Finland. After I got married, I moved to Karachi, Pakistan where we became parents to two amazing spirits, our son and daughter. In Pakistan, I started my own company, which provided haute couture items for new mothers and their newborn babies. My work eventually extended to cover clientele across Pakistan, the UAE, Britain, US and Canada. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work for the largest TV station in Pakistan as a host for a weekly documentary series. I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a life coach, which allowed me to help people achieve their goals. My true passion lies in art and music. I have been painting for a couple of years using mixed media techniques. My paintings reflect the message of universal love and spiritual symbolism.

zarifeb2016-10Just like music, paint on canvas holds the power of musical instruments playing at the same time yet making perfect sense and showing a harmonious balance between silence and sound.

TEMPO: What sparked your interest in art?

ZARI: Life itself is the biggest inspiration of all! I have always been a philosopher at heart and found art as a non-verbal tool to speak out the multi-dimensional thoughts in my head. My inner self thrives when surrounded by art, literature, music and dance. I find peace while traveling, encountering new people and immersing my heart in new cultures.


TEMPO: What inspires you to create?

ZARI: Just like music, paint on canvas holds the power of musical instruments playing at the same time yet making perfect sense and showing a harmonious balance between silence and sound. Art simply inspires me to have a voice and connect with the world around me. It also inspires me to understand my thoughts.


TEMPO: Describe your artistic process.

ZARI: My paintings go hand in hand with music. Music is my muse. It’s the source of a beginning and ending of any piece that I create. I might have a vision on a new piece of work however music will take over and lead me to another unchartered territory! I am sure you will find it hard to find an artist that has a plan and sticks to it. It is the most amazing experience to create multilayers of colours just to be able to peel them off, one by one.


TEMPO: Describe your artistic style.

ZARI: I would describe myself as a mindful artist. Throw in a sprinkle of abstract element and splash it with vibrant colours of modernism. I love to experiment with different mediums. Using oils with acrylics is my favourite medium to work with.


TEMPO: What are your plans or hopes for future projects?

ZARI: I am currently working on larger pieces with some quirky new ideas! Once these are completed, I will start planning exhibitions in the UAE. I hope that my work inspires people to experience life from within the deepest corners of their emotions, create a-ha moments that eventually create a tsunami of even more questions!


TEMPO: How did your friends/family react to your success?

ZARI: How I wish people were blessed with family and friends like mine! Truly without their support, I could not be the person I am today. They are the true force behind every single stroke I paint. Because of them, I have the courage to spread the wings of my creativity, fly into a world with no borders, dive into the vast oceans of colours and get lost in the amazing labyrinth of imagination!

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