Pandemic Mitigation via Micro Communities

“The Hope Pandemic” series addresses the changing business climate and how we can go digital and shape a new world of sustainability, kindness and community.

We’re all seeing how countries around the world are locking down and shuttering businesses in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over the coming weeks we will see how hitherto unaffected nations in Africa and parts of Asia will fare.

Some believe that people in these countries will be naturally more resistant to this virus as they have not been existing in the oversanitized environments of modern countries (that have led to compromised immunities).

Only the coming weeks will tell.

The big question is: how will humanity navigate the future after this massive disruption to our lives? Especially as this virus may mutate, and others will crop up from time to time.

I have always advocated that urban cities of the future be made up of thriving and sustainable “micro” communities.

These would give residents a sense of community, empowerment and belonging while also reducing social isolation, commuting, and resource waste.

This pandemic confirms this further for me.

If we are able to coalesce into micro communities we can better mitigate contagions. And if there’s an outbreak, the micro community would be locked down, tested, monitored and treated, without entire economies grinding to a halt.

Sana Bagersh is the Managing Editor of Tempo magazine. She is also the CEO of BrandMoxie which is the publisher of Tempo. Bagersh is an innovation and strategy consultant, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneurship and innovation trainer.
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