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Sneha Maria Thomas is a 20-something Abu Dhabi based Indian who is an ardent logophile, a motivational speaker & a budding French language aficionado. She is a student pursuing a degree in French Literature at the University of Sorbonne, Abu Dhabi. Currently interning at her dream media firm, BrandMoxie which she says, has given her an exemplary opportunity to better channelize and hone her writing skills & creativity as well as develop an in-depth awareness about the many issues that our world confronts on an on going basis. She actively contributes in creating relevant creative content for BrandMoxie's Feel Your Tempo magazine.

Unknown Sneha fact: In 2016, she published a book of poems titled "A Ray of Hope," available on Amazon, iTunes & Barnes and Nobles and a host of other online platforms. Interested in tasting some of her poetic goodness? If yes, click the link below:

As for future publications, Sneha is working her way through yet another chef-d'œuvre which narrates a true life story that is intended to awaken the world as its theme touches mankind in a subtle yet profound manner. To be published in less than a decade.
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